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    About Yellyo

  • Is Yellyo free?
  • Where is Yellyo working?
  • What's the best way to contact Yellyo?

  • Using Yellyo

  • What services is Yellyo offering?
  • How do I give feedback about a service provider?
  • Is yellyo available for all smartphones?
  • Why I couldn't find your app on my itunes app store?
  • I need a service but there are none around me, how do I send a job order?

  • My account

  • I can't log in, what should I do?
  • Is my privacy protected?
  • How can I deactivate or cancel my account?
  • I lost my password, how can I retrieve it?
  • I need a service but there are none around me, how do I send a job order?

  • Is yellyo free ?

    Yes, Yellyo is FREE for both end users and providers.For providers; if they chose to process payments through yellyo payment processing system, there will be a charge, also for any sale completed using Virtual Booth, a fees applies on the grand total..

    Where Yellyo works ?

    Yellyo works worldwide, we started in the U.S. but as of now, everyday we have new service providers and users all over the world registering and using Yellyo, as long as there is an internet connection, we will be out there.

    What's the best way to contact Yellyo ?

    You can use the form Yellyo from the contact us page and send us a message, or you can try to chat with one of our representative whenever the live chat is available.

    What services is yellyo offering ?

    Yellyo let people who have something to offer for sale or for hire or anything in between, to be visible with their location spotted in real time, it can be anything from a flower vendor to a space shuttle pilot who wants to get hired and get some attention, by using Yellyo, you will be surprised by many services offered on Yellyo just a couple of feet from you.

    How do I post a feedback about a service provider ?

    Yellyo encourages people to review providers whenever they get the chance, this is will keep our service efficient and beneficial to everyone and will differentiate good providers from bad ones, you can review a service provider or merchandise seller when your order has been completed , Yellyo have the right to verify the content of your feedback before posting to make sure it's in compliance with its rules and regulations.

    Is Yellyo app available for all platform?

    For now Yellyo is available for both IOS and Android, but you don't necessarily need a smartphone if you are looking for service provider, you can use your PC, or your laptop for that purpose, for more info please visit the mobile page Here.

    I need a service but there are none around me, how do send a job order ?

    Login to your account and if no service are available, use yellyo's "Eyell Out" feature, we will send a message to every provider in the chosen category out there and someone will answer, if no one's answering Yellyo will automatically wider the range until a provider is found.

    I can't log in what should I do ?

    Make sure you've entered the correct info when trying to log in, Yellyo login form is case sensitive, verify that your caps lock key is off, if the problem persists, send us an email at, do not forget to provide us with your username.

    Is my privacy protected ?

    Yellyo takes your privacy seriously, all your information and data are kept safe and secured. Please visit our Privacy Policy Page for more info.

    How can I cancel my account?

    Just send us an email along with your username to, and we'll take care of it.

    I lost my password, how can I retrieve it ?

    When you try to login, look below the password text field, click on "I forgot my password" and follow the procedure to get your password back.


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