Yellyo's Zip Ads™ is a new advertising concept that allows you to create and place ads on prominent pages on our web site at a specific Zip code. People click on your ads and visit your web site. You specify at which Zip code Yellyo users view your ads, this feature gives you an infinite probability that your ads will be viewed at your specified location by everybody. Check our Rate Chart here.
Yellyo advertisement consists of two standard ad spaces:
Letter Board, size: 728X90 Pixels.
Skycraper, size: 120X600 Pixels.
How it works

1 - Login to your Account, if you are not registered yet,Sign Up now.
2 - Select a Zip Code, you can have your ad running on as many Zip code as they are available out there.
3 - Checking the availability: Your desired Zip Code(s) might not be available at any particular time, you either:

  • - Look up surrounding Zip Code(s).
  • - Or check when the required Zip Code will be available and Book it.
4 - Checking out with a valid credit card.
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