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Exciting Locations
What about setting up a virtual booth (or a virtual store), right in the middle of Time Square, New York?, without the burden of a highly expensive store rent?. Yellyo's VIRTUAL BOOTH™ feature makes it possible.
Spots next to the Giants
You can set a spot right next door to "American Eagel Outfitters" and across from "Body Shop" store on the 7th Avenue.
Get spotted right here
With VIRTUAL BOOTH™ you will get exposed to a wide online audience, from a static location, still with a profile of a 500 fortune company.
Set your Virtual Booth
1 Mile Rule
And to keep the VIRTUAL BOOTH™ feature close to reality, we have set a rule that keep you physically connected with your virtual spot, so if you are 1 mile away from your virtual location, you will get off the sight until you get back to the set radius zone.
The business (who can be operated from your car, your bike, your house...) shouldn't be away from the virtual location, for more than 1 mile radius, this represents in the real world a 15 minutes walking distance to reach out to customers, knowing that they can't wait longer for getting provided with a service or a merchandise.
Virtual Booth is a feature that allow users to get goods and merchandise (if available) from providers nearby within a potential time window of as low as 15 minutes, you can use the "30 Min" button to filter quick deliveries.
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