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  • What's Yellyo?
  • Is Yellyo free?
  • What are the features in a premium account?
  • Do I need a special device to use Yellyo?
  • What type of smartphones Yellyo works on?
  • Getting Jobs on Yellyo

  • So, what's the best way to get a job order on Yellyo?
  • Are my customers going to review my service?
  • How to get paid for my jobs from Yellyo?

  • My account

  • I can't log in, what should I do?
  • Is my privacy protected?
  • How can I cancel my account?
  • I lost my password, how can I retrieve it?

  • What's Yellyo ?

    Yellyo concept consists of electronically yelling at passing service provider, that drives or even walks nearby your location, it can be a cab, a limo, a game ticket vendor, a walking salesman...

    Is Yellyo free ?

    Yes, Yellyo is FREE for both end users and providers.For providers; if they chose to process payments through yellyo payment processing system, there will be a charge, also for any sale completed using Virtual Booth, a fees applies on the grand total..

    Do I need a smartphone to join Yellyo as a service provider ?

    Yes, Yellyo is a location based app, you only need your smartphone and an internet connection to display your geo-location, for more info please visit the mobile page Here.

    What type of smartphone, does Yellyo work on ?

    Yellyo works on almost both iphone IOS and Android phones, please refer to an updated list of devices that can be used with yellyo Here.

    So what's the best way to get a job on Yellyo ?

    Once you log in and start to accept jobs, your geo-location will be visible under your category whenever you drive or walk through a neighborhood, the users will be able to track you in real time.

    Maintaining good reviews will keep you on the top of a favorite list the users are going to see first when they look at people around them.

    Are my customers going to post a feedback about my service ?

    Yes, Yellyo is a platform where everyone gets a chance to show off some good skill and where the hard working always pays off.

    How do I get paid for my service ?

    Yellyo is only a connection platform, you get paid by the user for a service you provide, we do charge fee if you chose to charge your customer via our payment processing system and if you use Virtual Booth to sell on our platform, anything else is only between you and your customer.

    I can't log in what should I do ?

    Make sure you've entered the correct info when trying to log in, Yellyo login form is case sensitive, verify that your caps lock key is off, if the problem persists, send us an email at, do not forget to provide us with your username.

    Is my privacy protected ?

    Yellyo takes your privacy seriously, all your information and data are kept safe and secured. Please visit our Privacy Policy Page for more info.

    How can I cancelaccount?

    Just send us an email along with your username to, and we'll take care of it.

    I lost my password, how can I retrieve it ?

    When you try to login, look below the password text field, click on "I forgot my password" and follow the procedure to get a new password.

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